Welcome to Charles DuPree & Associates.  Charles DuPree & Associates is a consultancy that is dedicated to providing the latest in targeted multicultural marketing and advertising on a local to a global scale. Our advertising placements and brand recognition strategies range from strategic print placements with our multicultural publishing partners to banner, video & mobile advertisement placements on our Web properties. We have access to a publishers network of over 100 million monthly unique visitors.

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Our content management systems allows for easy updating of your  articles, photos, pages and links thus keeping your IT overhead low. We’ll install the content management system on your web site and customize it according to your specific needs. .  Contact us today for a quote.​


DuPree Multimedia provides targeted multicultural advertising and sponsorship opportunities with our print, Web, and mobile partners.  Advertisers have the option of placements in any or all of our partner publishing properties.  We accept varying sizes of display ads for print publications as well as digital display, banner, video overlay, pre-roll and post roll ,.15 and 30 second commercial spots for Web and mobile.

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